Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gotten behind

Really got behind on keeping track of my training.  Glad that didn't translate into a misisng in the gym.

Wednesday - 1 hour cardio, 1 hour karate

Thursday - 530am cardio - 1 hour - it sucked wind like a mug!  30 min stepmill, 10 min ellipitical (yes, i punked out) 20 minutes treadmill

Quads - Smith machine squats - 135 lbs 10, 185 lbs 10, 225 lbs 7 x 2 (hadn't reached that weight since before my perimenopause diagnosis)  thought my strength was gone. granted i used to squat that for 15 reps and could do 285 lbs for 10, but i think my body is coming back to what i know!
Single leg lunges Smith machine - 135 lbs 12, 155 lbs 12, 185 lbs 10
Leg press - 495 lbs 15, 675 lbs 12!, 765 lbs 8!  again heaviest i have gone sine october of last year!

Friday 1 hour cardio - ZONKED!  no chest training.  gotta get glutamine and branch chains in me now that i have stepped up things.  can feel my recovery for prep is not there and this is only the beginning.

Well off to the races.  Gotta get chest and biceps in along with 30 min of cardio.  Then this evening 1 hour of cardio.  Stick with the plan and things happen!

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