Monday, February 22, 2010

Mad as a hatter!

How's this for an eye opener?  Insurance companies want to raise their rates unchecked without question b/c Obama wants healthcare coverage for everyone.  This should outrage people.  But on Thursday, while Pres Obama was releasing this information, guess what the American people were watching - Tiger Woods apologize.  How's that for being interested in what big business is doing here!

We are more interested in watching the dealings of a celebrity than getting on the backs of corporations that are going to put the broomstick even futher.  When people are losing their jobs and not able to afford COBRA coverage, why do insurance companies feel they can just raise their rates to keep a high profit margin.  As it stands, insurance companies bank on 80% of the subscribers paying for the 20% of the subcribers who use the coverage.  That is a statistical and business model fact, that insurance companies use in order to maintain their profit margin.  They don't want national healthcare coverage.  They want to maintain the status quo b/c it means more money in their pockets.  You would think they want more subscribers, but with the current health status of the American public, I can understand why they want to jack up their rates. 

We are not doing anything about our health.  We would rather relie on someone else prescribing a pill than exercising and making lifestyle changes.  How many of you would get a personal trainer and stick with it, if your insurance company paid for it rather than gastric bypass surgery?  Lifestyle changes are hard to do, but the reward is priceless.  Your health and the ability of you taking care of yourself is being stripped away.  You better do something about it.

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