Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As depressing as it was I took my measurements, weight and bf%!  I have been on a roller coaster with emotions around my psoas tendonitis injury.  No lower body training until yesterday, which I trained hamstrings very lightly.  It felt so good to be back, to what I know although the weights were not any where close to what I am accustommed to using.  Having an injury with a competitive attitude/personality do not mix.  I threw months of training and cardio out the window b/c I allowed myself to eat what I wanted to b/c heck, I don't officially go back to karate until April.  Didn't think I would start lower body training yet, but my injury is so managable now.  I recovered very quickly.  Still have my moments and days....as my lower back will flare a tad bit, but nothing that stretching doesn't cure.  HOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAYYYYYY!

Right, well on the flip side of that coin, I have average body fat for a female.  I swear all my curves have come back, but they are not the muscle curves I crave!  DANG IT!  LOL!  Part of the process, as I am going to call it.  There are several shows coming up in the late summer/early fall that I am interested in.  It is going to be interesting to see how I am able to kick things back into gear with a new mentality.  Granted, there is a part of me that is scared as my groin issue was no joke.  There were days that walking bothered me and if I was on my feet too long, the pain was there in full effect.  So not to make light of what happened, but also not to use it as an excuse.  This is my come back from everything - perimenopause and psoas tendonitis.  Granted, I have the best Reiki/core massage therapist in the world.  Found the real reason I was having issues with my psoas as it was all the way into my abdominal region.  No wonder I have been so crooked with my shoulders and hips.  But that is ok as my right leg is starting to carry more of the load it is suppose to.

Enough about that.  How about training?  Well, did 30 minutes on the ellipitcall.  Thought I was going to lose my mind, lol!  Can you say bored to death and I had forgotten how it was.  I am hoping I can manage 1 hour of cardio by next week.  Huh, didn't you just get started child!?  Yes, but at this point I will keep 30 minute segments till I feel my body can handle a full hour.  I am so happy to train legs this week, well quads.  I did try a single with 135 lbs on the Smith machine and it hurt my back slightly.  I am sure I will be able to manage it this week.  Feeling good and strong, but being careful.  YEAH!!!!

Yesterday's training - Shoulders and Hamstrings

Overhead BB presses
Warm up - bar 15 reps
65 lbs for 12
95 lbs for 6 x 2
65 lbs 10

Upright rows - Smith machine
95 lbs for 15
115 lbs for 12
135 lbs for 10

Bent over rows w/DB SLDs
27.5 lbs 10/12/15
45 lbs for 10 x 3

Lying leg curls
30 lbs 10
50 lbs 10 x 2

Tabata for calves - 110 lbs seated leg press for 4 minutes

30 minutes cardio on elliptical

Today's task measurements

Shoulders 43 inches
Chest 38 inches
Arms R/L 13/12.75
Waist 30 inches
Abdomen 33 inches
Hips 38 inches
Thighs R/L 21.75/22
Calves R/L 12.75/13

Wt: 165.2 lbs
BF% 25% (YIKES!) Nothing but a THANG!  I got this.

Headed out to train back and triceps.  TTYL.

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