Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I trained legs for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday.  I used very light weights on the leg extensions and did single legs.  I haven't done 30 lbs in forever as a regular set.  I was able to do 15 for reps with tight squeezes without any pulling on my groin.  But I could tell my quads were not in the sync with things.  The process that moves forward is the most important thing.  All work after that was single lunges.  Could def tell a difference in my right leg, it is much weaker than the left.  So I am on the right path.  Tried doing the leg press with just 100 lbs on it.  Felt the groin get uncomfortable, so I will be holding off on that movement for a while longer.

Leg extensions 30 lbs 10/12/15/15 each side
Lunges 10 reps each leg 4 sets
Side lunges 2 sets 10 reps
Diagonal lunges 2 sets 10 reps

15 minutes cardio

Sunday 1 hour cardio - 30 minutes stepmill, 30 minutes treadmill (made it to 5.0 mph for the last 12 minutes - progress!)
 5 minutes stretching in between cardio sessions.

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